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And more specifically, what benefits have we to address a Real Estate Broker to sell or buy a home?
Looking to sell your property? Acquire a property? -Undoubtedly you will question yourself about the benefits of doing business with a Real Estate Broker, knowing by instinct that you are convinced to make'' monsters'' savings without him... Tip of the iceberg!
When selling privately; have you considered legal warrantee, hidden defects or undisclosed facts for which you may find yourself responsible for long years following a private sale, thus leaving you vulnerable?
When buying privately; what will be the value of your securities if not familiar with them, who will stand beside you to suggest the actual & real market value of the coveted property? -Will you during the process have the eye of a professional regarding the building's condition? –Will you be able to keep reserves and not just act by impulse, emotion or excitement?
Here's one more reason to think Real Estate Broker. Wouldn't he be the best companion to accompany you in such perilous task with detachment and advise you professionally?
Have you thought for a moment, that the vast majority of Real Estate transactions that take place continuously around the world are handled by Real Estate Brokers? -Is there a particular reason for this?
The answer is simple: their reason for being stems from the fact that they are professionals, are provided with continuous updated training, are responsible people who need to work in the province of Quebec in particular, within a precise framework dictated by a strict and severe body (OACIQ) who enacted specific laws to protect the public, and coincidentally you are part of them!
As a result; doing business with a Real Estate Broker in Quebec becomes not only a YES without hesitation, but also a necessity in your best interest!
The knowledge, advices and expertise that those specialists are able to offer you, are essential!
And it is unpretentiously, with my 25 career years in Real Estate, that I am proud to count myself among them!
The efficiency of the Real Estate Broker rest on his knowledge of the local market, in its various sectors and districts, he will do its utmost to provide you with the best service, supported alongside by a strong network of collaborators members of the Montreal Real Estate Board (GMREB) and other Real Estate Boards of the province of Quebec.
In summary, and all things considered, to associate yourself with a Real Estate Broker will save you more money in the long run, provide you with a greater peace of mind, not to mention that he will save you considerable amounts of time and prevent you from many administrative hassles!

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